The Board of Directors of Lomsdal-Visten National Park has administrative authority over Lomsdal-Visten National Park (called Njaarken Vaarjelimmiedajve by the indigenous Sámi people), as well as the Strauman Landscape Protection Area. The Board is appointed by the Norwegian government, but consists of members nominated by the municipalities concerned, Nordland County Council, and the Sámi Parliament.

Every year, the Board ensures that key measures are carried out, including maintenance, information and the facilitation of public access. The Board’s secretariat consists of a national park manager with offices in Trofors, in Grane municipality.

As the managing authority, the Board cooperates closely with the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO), which has overall national authority for Norway’s national parks and protected areas.The framework guidelines for how the area is managed can be found in the Protection Regulations Opens in new tab. In addition, a Management Plan Opens in new tab has been formulated that provides guidelines for how the Protection Regulations should be interpreted. The Management Plan clarifies the interests of various user groups and delineates what is allowed and what is prohibited.

The conservation objective and the Protection Regulations define which activities and measures are allowable in the area. Management must be carefully balanced, taking into account the needs of various user groups and conservation objectives.

Members of the National Park board together with local representant of Statskog. Photo Carl Norberg.

Environmental monitoring by the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate

The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) is in charge of monitoring protected areas, for properties that are in the private as well as in the public domain.

The supervision of the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate has its statutory basis in the Nature Protection Act. Its overall objective is to safeguard important national environmental values ​​and to prevent environmental crimes. The Inspectorate also conducts enforcement, registration, and facilitation for users, including information and environmental guidance.