Follow the forest road from the parking lot in Tverådalen up towards Fjellskardet past. Just before the last sharp rise, the trail splits – take the southern branch. This trail is marked with cairns, and in the forest on the way down to Sørvassdalen the trail becomes more clearly visible. Follow the trail along the Sørvatnan lakes. If you want, you can find shelter for the night in an old Sámi settlement once used by Gippe and Gunnar Njarka. After passing the southernmost cabin at Øvervatnet lake, the trail becomes less evident. Although there is no visible trail from Sørvassenden, simply follow the Sørvasselva river upstream.


From the Innertjørnan you are again guided by cairns. The trail climbs steeply and there are some narrow passages before you reach Burriejaevrie. At Krongelvatnet lake there is an open turf-hut (gamme). From Krongelvatnet you descend Tverrfjellet along a cairn-marked path. The last stretch to Bønå hamlet is a tractor road.

Track for GPS.

How to get here
From highway E6 follow the signs towards the airport, taking the turnoff at Fv244 (where the sign says Jaktskytebane/Naturpark). After another 3 km, turn west at the sign for parking to Lomsdal-Visten.

How to get here by public transportation
Take the express boat to Bønå from Forvik or Tjøtta, which you can reach by bus from Brønnøysund and Sandnessjøen.