The path from Ausen to Auslia is clearly marked. Follow the gravel road up to the uppermost house in Ausen, and continue south on the trail. The steepest part of the trail is the climb to Klaven, which enjoys a fine view of the cove Strandbukta, the village of Ausen and the mountains of Vevelstadfjellene. The trail continues south, across a small marsh, then up through the woods to Auslia mountain farm.

From Auslia follow the path, which is partly marked with cairns, southwards across Gråfjellet towards Langvatnet lake.

Auslia is owned by the Municipality of Vevelstad and offers accommodation to travellers.

Track for GPS.

How to get here
Express boat from Forvik or Tjøtta.

How to get here by public transportation
You can take the bus to Forvik or Tjøtta from Brønnøysund or Sandnessjøen. The express boat goes to Ausen.