Take the trail towards Sarvejællanjaevrie (Gåsvatnet) lake. When the trail turns westward, be sure to follow the road north across the marshlands. When you reach the tarn at altitude 357 m, follow the ridge and maintain this elevation. Please note that hiking in Gåsvassdalen valley can be challenging; if you descend too far, you will encounter very difficult terrain! The route slowly climbs up to Sealmanjaevrie tarn, before descending to Sarvejællan Åarjelguevtele, were there are excellent spots for pitching a tent! After the first 2 km, there is neither trail nor cairn markers.

Track for GPS

How to get here
From highway E6, take the turnoff at Brenna, continuing for 8 km to the signposted parking for Lomsdal-Visten National Park.

How to get here by public transportation
Take the bus from Brønnøysund or Trofors.