Your route departs the trail between Stavassgården farm and Stavassdalen, but if you are starting from the parking lot in Stavassdalen you can follow the partly visible trail along the southern bank of Stavasselva. The trail passes an abandoned Sámi camp called Mariehytto, before it fades altogether. Then either follow the ridge east of the Langskardelva river, or cross this river where it joins Skardelva. From the shoulder between Langskardnasen and Langskardfjellet, you can reach both of these peaks easily. The route along the shoulder down to Sarvejællan Åarjelguevtele is steep but quite manageable.

Track for GPS

How to get here
From Trofors, drive to Vestersidevegen for 5.5 km before taking the signposted turnoff to Stavassdal. NB this road is not suitable for campers or caravans!

How to get here by public transportation
You can take a train or a bus to Trofors, and walk 8 km along Gamle Stavassveg to Stavassdalen.