The shortest route is from Sørfjorden, if you have your own boat or can get someone to shuttle you across the fjord. The peaks can also be reached from Grytåg or Visthus, after taking the express boat there from Tjøtta or Forvik, or you can start from Tverådalen. Because the hikes from Visthus and Tverådalen are quite long, we recommend you bring a tent. If you are going from Tverådalen, you can arrange to rent Lavatnet cabin; from Visthus, you can seek shelter in the open shepherd’s cabin at Sukkertoppen.

From Sørfjorden, take the trail in the woods behind the farm. After you clear the woods, the trail to the top is partially marked with cairns. The first stretch is rather steep, then the trail levels off before the final steep ascent. On the bare mountain it is easy to find your way, but following the lower part of the trail through the lush forest is a bit more challenging.

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How to get here
Private boat to Sørfjorden.