For this hike, you can come by privat boat to Storbørja, or get someone to shuttle you over to this hamlet. From Storbørja there are numerous trails and roads that eventually connect. Follow the mostly-visible trail to Søre Austerdalselva, crossing the bridge over the river. However, beware that it is easy to lose the trail in the marshy terrain between Rånbekken and Lessengbekken creeks. A good place to take a break is by the ruins of the forest shelter at Hestneset.

Bjønnstien is a trail that climbs steeply to the suspension bridge over the Søre Austerdalselva river. After you cross the bridge, the trail is very faint, but as soon as you clear the woods the path northwards is partly marked by cairns. The last stretch before Tøymvatnet lake passes through spruce forest. Here, the trail is not so visible but the route is cleared and marked. Visitors to the lake may seek shelter for the night in Tøymvasshytta cabin. It is owned by Vevelstad municipality and is under renovation.

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How to get here
By private boat to Storbørja. You can also hire shuttle by boat from Nevernes harbour. (Call Robert Strovik, mob. 909 29 374, or Nevernes habour, tel. 75 02 19 10). Nevernes harbour is situated 7 km from Fv78.