The march takes place on the first Saturday in August, following a route along which the resistance fighters transported weapons and ammunition in the years 1942–44.

Visitors are also welcome to hike the route at any time.

This is the only thoroughly marked trail in Lomsdal-Visten National Park! From the east, the route heads towards Fjellgården; you can seek shelter in the abandoned mountain farm. From there the westward trail across the marsh is marked, gradually climbing to an elevation of 907 metres. Above the tree line, the trail is across bare rock, through mountain scenery typical of Lomsdal-Visten. The trail descends slightly to Grunnvatnet lake, and levels off across Stigfjellet, before revealing a magnificent view of Innervisten. Part of the descent to the fjord is quite steep. At the farm Bøna Gård you may request boat transport from Austerfjorden to Aursletta.

Accommodation is available at Holmen farm in Eiterådalen, and at Aarstrand and Bønå farms in Innervisten.


How to get here
Approaching from the west, take the express boat from Forvik or Tjøtta to Bønå, and then request boat shuttle to Austerfjorden. If you are coming by private boat, just head for Austerfjorden and anchor up. Approaching from Mosjøen to the east, follow the signs on highway E6 towards the airport. Continue south for a total of 16 km, following the signs to Eiterådal. Then, after about 10 km, there is a parking lot with an information board and toilets.

How to get here by public transportation
From Sandnessjøen or Brønnøysund, take the bus to Tjøtta or Forvik, and then the express boat to Bønå.