Follow the forest road from the parking lot in Tverådalen up towards Fjellskardet. Just before the last sharp rise, the trail splits – take the northern branch, which is partly marked with cairns, through Fjellskardet pass. Cross the Tverrelva river and follow the trail down through the dense birch and conifer forest. Your route crosses the river once more before you reach Lavatnet lake and cabin.

Hikers who rent Lavasshytta have access to a boat. If you wade across the outlet, you can enjoy a fine excursion across Grønslifjellet to Grønlivatnet lake.

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How to get here
From highway E6, follow the signs towards the airport, taking the turnoff at Fv244 (where the sign says “Jaktskytebane/Naturpark”). After another 3 km, turn west at the sign for parking for Lomsdal-Visten.