The summit offers a magnificent panorama of the mountains to the east, north and south, as well as all the coastal mountain ranges from Bindal down to Sandnessjøen.

The Breivasstind summit hike is very challenging. The best place to start is Masterdalen.

From Masterdalen you’ll follow the trail towards Bjørnstokkvatnan.

Hikers must wade across Bjørnstokkelva, and this is best done above power station’s water intake. Please bear in mind that high water levels will sometimes make the rivers and creeks unpassable. At normal waterlevel you’re able to wade the Bjørnstokkelva-river at the end of Nedre Bjørnstokkvatn. 

After the river is crossend you can follow the partly cairn-marked route over Indre Rånåfjell, past the lake at elevation 561 metres, and continue on the ridge up to the lakes at 641 and 821 metres altitude. Follow the ridge up to 1023 metres and all the way to the summit. The round trip hike is just over 20 km.

Track for GPS

How to get here
Parking is available in Masterdalen.

How to get here by public transportation
Take the bus from Trofors or Brønnøysund.