The little hamlet of Tosbotn is beautifully situated on the northern shore of the Tosenfjord. You can get here by the bus that runs between Brønnøysund and Mosjøen/Trofors. Be prepared that any hikes from the fjordside village will commence with a long climb. For instance, the lake Nedre (lower) Bjønnstokkvatna, just inside the national park, lies 340 metres above sea level. Nonetheless, the hike up Lesådalen valley, or Svartvasslia towards Svartvassdalen or Godvassdalen, offers many great viewpoints during your breaks.

From Tosbotn it’s an all-day hike to Lomsdalen. While there are occasional cairns, it is very easy to lose the trail.

How to get there

Bus from Mosjøen, Trofors or Brønnøysund.


Tosbotn – Bjønnstokken

Bjønnstokken – Strompdalen

To the summit of Breivasstind