On the whole, Lomsdal Visten is a mountainous, hilly and challenging hiking terrain. A notable exception is the valley of Stavassdalen. Situated on the eastern edge of the national park, it offers terrain that is easy for young and old to walk. The valley is also very accessible, you can drive by car to either end.

As you enter the valley, the landscape varies between marshlands and forests. Gnarled, dried-out pines stretch high against the sky, as though inspired by the towering mountains nearby. Kvitfjellet rises to 1248 metres, surpassed Blåfjellet (also called Storklumpen) at 1293 m. Visitors often head for Stavatnet lake, in the middle of the valley, or Stavassetra, an old mountain farm to its north.

Regardless of the season, Stavassdalen is a great destination. Springtime is a particularly idyllic time to explore the valley, as you peer up at mountains still covered with snow. The only thing that might disturb your peace of mind is the mosquitoes during the summer.

How to get here

You can enter the valley at either end: across the bridge below Stavassgården farm, or via Neversletta in Eiterådalen. There is parking at both ends. If you arrive by public transport, you have an enjoyable 8 km walk from Trofors along the old road, Gamle Stavassveg. Just follow the sign. A trail runs the entire length of the valley.

Further hikes

Stavassdalen is also an excelling starting point for excursions westward in the Lomsdal-Visten National Park, or for summit hikes up Kvitfjellet or Storklumpen (Blåfjellet). For additional hiking suggestions, please see stavassdalen.no.


Gamle Stavassveg – The old road

Storklumpen (Blåfjellet)

To Elgvidda from Stavassdalen


It is possible to rent the main building at Stavassgården with 14 beds. The kitchen on the ground floor stays open for free use as long as there are no lodgers. There’s also space for 4-6 persons at the attic of the outbilding. Here’s a woodstove and cooking equipment. This is available even when the main builiding is leased. More information is found at Stavassdalens Venner.

The site of the old summer mountain farm, Stavassetra,  is now represented by a new timber cabin. This cabin is unlocked, and with its two beds there is an opportunity to stay the night. The cabin is hosted by Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT),  and owned by Statskog.

At the lake Stavatnet you’ll find a shelter and a fire place.