Many avid hikers consider Lomsdalen to be the crowning jewel in Lomsdal-Visten National Park, and it is no coincidence that this valley is featured in the name itself. The valley, situated east of the fjord arm Storbørja, has lakes and small marshes, rocky landscape and scattered vegetation. A defining feature is the Lomselva river, flowing from where the Grunnvasselva and Henriksdalselva rivers merge in the easternmost part of Lomsdalen. Lomselva meanders calmly through Lomsdalen, but also produces raging rapids and impressive waterfalls before continuing into the valley of Strompdal. The river is part of Lomsdalvassdraget, one of the few watercourses in Norway that is still completely pristine, all the way from the mountains uppermost in its watershed until it empties its waters into the fjord.

 In the southern part of the wide valley of Lomsdalen is a mosaic of tarns – Lomstjønnan – which is likely the first landscape feature you notice as you are crossing over the mountains from Strompdal. The tarns are surrounded by scattered low pine. Farther north in the valley are marshes, larger pines, spruce and deciduous trees. Also visible are the remains of old Lomsdal farm, abandoned in 1933. Today the buildings are reduced to heaps of collapsed logs. Although the natural flora is gradually reclaiming the land, the cultural landscape still bears testimony to the lonely toil at this remote farm. Uppermost in Lomsdalen is Nedre Grunnvatnet lake. From here you can continue up through the valley of Grunnvassdalen towards Elgvidda, or via Velfjordskardet pass to Måsskardet.

The waterfall above Lomsdal farm and a summer day by Lomstjørna tarn. Photos Marius Nergård Pettersen.

How to get here

The easiest way to get to Lomsdalen is to arrange a boat shuttle into the fjord arm called Storbørja, and then take the trail through Sæterdalen and Strompdal. En route you pass Strompdalskoia, an unlocked hut in which you can seek shelter for the night. This route has one of the clearest trails in the national park, although parts of it are rather steep. For boat shuttle services, please contact Velfjordskyss or Robert Storvik at mob. +47 909 29 374.

From Tosbotn, there is a partly cairn-marked route via the Bjønnstokkvatnan and Breivatnan lakes. If you set a course between the lower and middle Breivatnet lakes, then you must either cross the river where it flows out of Nedre (lower) Breivatnet or, if the water level is too high, follow the eastern shores of the lake before crossing into Lomsdalen.

Another option is to hike to Lomsdalen from Tettingsdalen, via Lappskardet pass.



You can seek shelter in the unlocked privately-owned hut situated south of Lomsdal farm. If you can find it in the thicket, you can spend the night in the earthen cellar of Lomsdal farm. The cellar may not be cosy, but it will protect you from the weather. Look for a chimney; the entrance to the cellar faces the birch woods.

First and foremost, however, Lomsdalen has many wonderful spots to pitch your tent!


Strompdalen – Lomsdalen

The winter road to Lomsdalen

Stormoio (Eiterådal)-Lomsdalen

Nedre Breivatn – Lomsdalen