Hikers primarily use the route through Henriksdalen to reach the Vistfjella mountains from Lomsdalen. Nonetheless, there is no reason to hurry through this little valley. Northeast in Henriksdalen there is a natural rock shelter that definitely merits a closer look.

As you leave Lomsdalen, you are entering one of the more remote areas of the national park, and you are likely to have it all to yourself. Hiking is fairly easy in Henriksdalen’s hilly terrain, which is rocky and dotted with small lakes. The river of Henriksdalselva winds through the valley as it flows south towards Lomsdalen.

As mentioned, you can reach Henriksdalen from Lomsdalen. Cross the Lomselva river by the bridge situated east of the old Lomsdalen farm.

You can also approach Henriksdalen from the west via Søre Austerdalen, or from the north via Visttindan mountain or the Vistvatnan lakes. There are occasional cairn markers through the valley, but don’t count on being able to follow them.


Stormoio (Eiterådal) -Lomsdalen


The natural rock shelter is not easy to find, but it really is worth your effort. It consists of two huge rocks that lean against each other, below a steep mountainside high up on the eastern side of the valley. The rock shelter has room for two people. There may be firewood, but if you do light a campfire, please replenish it for the next visitors!

 If you prefer, there are plenty of good spots to pitch a tent in Henriksdalen’s rocky landscape.