The Breivatnan lakes are large “holes” in this mountainous landscape, and they are big enough to form an impressive panorama as you peer over the southern part of the national park. The two upper likes are situated at an elevation of roughly 500 metres, while Nedre Brevatnet, which is the northernmost lies 200 metres lower in the terrain.

All three offer excellent fishing, and opinions differ as to where the best fishing spots are – but don’t expect local anglers to reveal their secrets. Try your luck and trust your instincts.

There are three easy hiking routes to Breivatnan. From Tosbotn hamlet you can head north via Bjønnstokkvatna. The trail is fairly visible until you reach the northern shore of Øvre (upper) Bjønnstokkvatnet. After the initial climb from Tosbotn, the terrain becomes easier.



Another option is to get a boat shuttle to Storbørja and hike through Strompdalen valley up to Breivatnan. Parts of this route are marked with cairns. This ascent is somewhat difficult but manageable.

The third alternative is to start from the Langfjord, which lies to the west, and take the trail to Tettingsdalen. From this valley your route climbs through Lappskardet pass up to the lakes. Please note that there are many trails up from the Langfjord; study your map carefully, and use your compass to monitor your progress and position en route.

Further hikes

From the eastern shore of Nedre (lower) Breivatnet, you can easily cross the hills towards Lomsdalen. If you find yourself on the western side of the lake, then you will have to cross the Breidvasselva river. When the water level is high, this can be overly challenging; in that case, descend into the valley of Strompdal and use the suspension bridge farther down.

From Midtre (middle) Breivatnet, a hike worth recommending is to set a course between the peaks of Lauvvasstinden and Breidvasstinden up to Elgviddevatnet lake. This is a challenging hike in high mountain terrain.



Bjønnstokken – Strompdalen

From Strompdalen to Nedre Breivatn Lake

Nedre Breivatn – Lomsdalen

An alternative route between the middle and the lower Breitvatn Lakes


East of Nedre Breivatnet lake is a turf-hut that may be used as a shelter. It has a fire pit and is spacious enough four people who don’t mind intimate quarters.