The little valley of Bønådalen, which extends northwards from Innervisten through dense coniferous forests towards tall mountains, makes for a magnificent first leg of your hikes in Lomsdal-Visten. The Bønåvatna lakes and the nearby Krongelvatnet merit a closer look, and they are easy to reach.

Bønådalen is a popular destination, in part because of the camp run by Bønå farm in Innervisten.

The trail northwards to Nedre (lower) Bønåvatnet lake is well marked. The route continues through a narrow river gorge up to Øvre (upper) Bønåvatnet, an idyllic lake surrounded by scattered tree clusters and mountains that rise above the tree line. With its forest of ancient pines, the northern end of the lake is particularly beautiful. On the hillside above the lake is a large natural rock shelter that was used by the Norwegian Resistance during World War II.

Krongelvatnet lake is situated east of the valley, at 353 metres. For many hikers, this is their first stop on an eastbound hike. You arrive at the lake by following the signposted and cairn-marked trail from Bønådalen. On a promontory at the southwestern end of the lake is a Sámi turf-hut (goahti) where hikers can seek shelter, and there is firewood and an outdoor toilet.

How to get there

From Tjøtta or Forvik you can take the express boat to Innervisten and Bønå.


Route to the Sjøberg March
Tverådalen – Bønå


Accommodation is available at Bønå and at Aarstrand farm in Aursletta. At Bønå there is also dining, as well as boat, canoe and kayak rental. Bønå farm also rents out a cabin and lavvo at Krongelvatnet and Nedre Bønåvatnet lakes.