Granted, you do burn up a few calories on the 340-metre climb from Tosbotn up to the tree line at Bjørntokkvatnan lakes, but that is a small price to pay for visiting some of the southern highlights of Lomsdal-Visten National Park. The two lakes may be considered a great destination in their own right, or your first milestone en route to more remote destinations. Øvre (upper) Bjørnstokkvatnet is particularly idyllic, with its view of distant mountains to the south and the towering wall of Breidvasstinden to the north.

From the lake, the hiking is far easier as you continue to Breivatnan and onward to Tettingsdalen, Strompdal or Lomsdalen. Although parts of these routes are cairn-marked, you will definitely need your map and compass.


Tosbotn – Bjønnstokken

Bjønnstokken – Strompdalen


In the huge boulder field north of Øvre (upper) Bjønnstokkvatten lake, there are several natural rock shelters. These are easy to find, have been frequently used, and many are large enough to sleep 10–15 people. In times past they were used as dwellings. The area also offers many fine spots to pitch a tent.