Public transport

Train, bus and boat

To visit Lomsdal-Visten you can either travel by train to Trofors or Mosjøen, and continue with bus to Tosbotn, Nevernes, Forvik and Visten. Plan your travel at Reis Nordland.

Bus from Brønnøysund to Tosbotn Monday to Friday at 09:30, Tuesday and Friday at 17:20, Sundays at 16:30. Bus from Mosjøen to Tosbotn Monday to Friday at 16:55, Fridays at 21:40 and Sundays at 20:25.

Bus from Brønnøysund or Sandnessjøen to Forvik (several daily departures). Boat from Forvik to Visthus, Ausen, Bønå and Aursletta leaves Monday to Friday at 14:45. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 19:40, Friday at 20:00 and Sunday at 21:15). You can also go by boat from Tjøtta to Visthus, Ausen, Bønå and Aursletta. Monday to Friday at  14:05, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:00 and Sunday at 20:30). The boat is connected with bus: Reis Nordland.

Trofors is connected with bus from Mosjøen and Brønnøysund, and train from Trondheim and Bodø: 

You’ll find airports in Mosjøen and Brønnø Mosjøen is also connected by train.

Vistenfjorden is conneted by scheduled public transport (see text above).

For boat shuttle services to Storbørja and Storfjorden contact Velfjordskyss or Robert Storvik at mob. +47 909 29 374. Velfjordferie offers boat rentals.

Vevelstad gård og rorbuer at Forvik offers boat rentals as well as boat shuttle servece. Visthus rorbucamping offers boat rentals.

In Innervisten Aarstrand gård and Bønå gård offers boat rentals, Bønå also offers boat shuttle service and rentals of canoes and kayaks.

Traveling by car?
There’s pleny good parking spots.


Have a look at the map for accommodation inside the National Park:

Accommodation in Vevelstad
Visit Vevelstad:
Accommodation in Grane
Svenningdal camping:
Accommodation in Brønnøy
Vassenget Park lodgings:
Velfjord camping & cottages:
Tosbotn camping:
Børjeøra gård: Mobil +47 909 29 374
Accommodation in Vefsn
Holmen gård:
Fru Haugans hotell:
Mosjøen camping: